Chinaprinted InspectionWe promise QUALITY.

Our headquarters are located in Hong Kong with our printing plant in Mainland China. We at Chinaprinted Printing Solutions offer professional turnkey print production and delivery of gift bags, books, packaging, shopping bags, magazines, commercial catalogs, journals, calendars, sticker labels, point of sale signage, advertising collateral and Disc media at a savings of up to 40% off the Domestic cost.

Our professional team of highly trained Production managers, Quality control personnel, Shipping and customs staff, and Customer Service managers employ best-practice monitoring and service procedures and are on-site to conduct press checks at every critical stage, for every project we run.

Chinaprinted Printing Solution will advise you with honesty and experience from the moment we first communicate. We believe in planning ahead well and offering full transparency. We conduct business with honesty and integrity, We stay in close contact and update you often on project status. We work hard, go the extra mile, give personal care to each project, act proactively and creatively, and try to be generally pleasant to work with. Give us a will surely notice the difference.

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With over 600 satisfied clients, we must be doing something right! Go on, give us a try, our prices, delivery times will surely amaze you.

Gift & Paper Shopping Bags

Chinaprinted produces shopping bags, and gift bags, made of various kinds of paper in many thicknesses from Coated Paper, Kraft Paper, Canvas, Christmas Bags, Luxury Paper Gift Bags papers as well as Tissue Paper.

Due to the large amount of handwork that goes into production, they are a product category ideally suited to experience and skills of Chinaprinted.

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Boxes & Custom Packaging

Chinaprinted affords the flexibility to try materials and techniques which are cost prohibitive as well as effective to execute domestically. Our expert engineers will help you choose the correct material, weight, thickness, and coatings or finishings.

Chinaprinted also promises to offer structural engineering, packaging design and production, and other packaging services.

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Woven PP Bags & Non-Woven PP Bags

We have been supplying printed Cotton Bags, Jute Bags, Woven PP Bags & Non-Woven PP Bags for over 5 years & have helped many of our customers with a sustainable alternative to their paper & plastic bags.

Woven PP Bags are ideal for long-term use, being very strong and easy to clean. Non Woven PP Bags give the advantage of strength whilst being lightweight.

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Book & Catalog Printing

Chinaprinted is experienced in the production of hardback and paperback books, childrens books, photography books, from paperback novels to diaries, note-books, to even coffee table books.We do it all.

Our clients include publishing companies as well as individual self-publishers. No matter how large or small your project, we are here to advise, and make it work.

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