Chinaprinted can handle all your requests. Quality, name it!

Chinaprinted Assembly and Packing

Chinaprinted's assembly and pack processes are automated to maintain high productivity and built-in quality.

We are equipped with high-speed auto-collation assembly lines with the following capabilities:

  • Double Feed and No-Feed Sensors
  • Weight Verification
  • Auto-labeling
  • Barcode Verification
  • Shrink-wrap
  • Carton Sealing

Chinaprinted is further equipped with the following media assembly and pack capabilities:

  • Jewel-case Insertion
  • Polybag Insertion
  • Envelope Insertion
  • Over-wrap

Chinaprinted can also pack and deliver for events. Gift bags, promotional items, ready out of the box, so you can simply distribute!